Training & Seminars


Our many years of experience in advising both multinational corporations and governments around the world have been assembled in our certified FDIexecutive™ Training Academy for investment promotion professionals and our extensive training and seminar program for free zone executives that ICA delivers throughout the world in conjunction with the World Free Zones Organization (World FZO). Over the years ICA has worked with many international organizations like UNCTAD, UNDP, UNESCAP, OECD, WAIPA, CAIPA and the World Bank in delivering various trainings and workshops throughout the world.


The FDI academy consists of multiple modules ranging from investor attraction, developing a successful marketing strategy, benchmarking techniques, organizational development and aftercare strategies. The training sessions are delivered by our team of 20+ years of experience through presentations, role play, databases, tools, exercises, best and worst practices and real life investment cases.


For free zones we have delivered multiple trainings and seminars in 2-4 day workshops. Our team of experts are able to cover multiple topics. The list of free zone training and seminar topics is provided below:


  • Investor attraction
  • Business development
  • Targeting and lead generation to attract investors for your free zone
  • Aftercare: keeping current investors happy
  • Marketing strategies (branding, websites, newsletters, social media strategies, effective communication and missions)
  • Organizational structure and management of your free zone
  • Organizing site visits within your free zone
  • Trade and customs
  • Strategy building
  • Innovation and your free zone
  • Moving up the value chain: attracting high end investors
  • Environmental challenges of your free zone
  • Financial analysis for free zone professionals
  • Master planning for free zones
  • Stakeholder management for free zones
  • Incentives offered by free zones
  • Business intelligence and tools for free zone staff
  • Writing investor project proposals
  • PPPs and free zones