Economic Development & Business Attraction


Our experience in location strategy and economic development activities has given us unique and practical insights into what makes successful organizations tick. We have put this knowledge and experience to work for several public sector clients, helping them to refine their own go-to-market strategies for their region. We have even gone so far as to help develop mission statements and advise staffing and organizational design with the aim of achieving the region’s economic development goals.


Our professionals have many years of experience in helping companies make difficult location, investment, and staffing decisions. This allows us to:


  • Provide frank advice to governments and development agencies on how they fare in competitive situations
  • Show state and local governments how they can balance business attraction and other community goals
  • Help governments and development agencies identify regional strengths and weaknesses, public and private partners, and drive consensus, positioning them for future success


We help communities and development agencies develop strategies for better targeting and for improvement of their results. Such programs can include:


  • Incentives
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Marketing plans
  • Development of public/private partnerships for targeted investment


For more information about this service line please contact Mr. Chris Steele (North and South America): [email protected]