Foreign-Trade Zones (US and Canada)

Foreign-Trade Zones

We use our global Free Zones experience and best practices as well as our knowledge of corporate site selection to help authorities and policy-makers better understand current and future business needs when developing Foreign Trade Zones. We understand the nuances of how different legal frameworks create diverse opportunities and challenges for these zones. We make Foreign Trade Zones responsible for sustainable economic growth in an accountable and prudent manner.


ICA can help your Foreign-Trade Zone address the following:


  • Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Institutional, Policy, & Organizational Framework
  • Assimilation into Economic Development Strategies and Plans
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Training & Seminars
  • Communication Plan
  • Sector Targeting
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Incentive Advisory
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Capacity Building
  • Aftercare, Monitoring, & Evaluation
  • One-Stop-Shop Service Facilitation
  • Traditional Site Framework to Alternative Site Framework Transition (US only)