Corporate Incentives Advisory

Overall Business Location

Incentives can facilitate setting up a new location or increase the attractiveness of a location, but they are just one factor among many in the overall business location decision. Our value approach to identifying and negotiating these credits is centered on helping our clients establish their operations based on business fundamentals in addition to getting the best deal possible.


A high level tax sanity check will highlight any prohibitory tax costs and outline the balance between tax base, business fundamentals, and potential incentives and grants. Our database,, will benchmark credit and incentive deals awarded locally for similar projects. These deals may offset locational liabilities, but they cannot make up for core weaknesses, so we advise our clients to use a balanced approach when considering incentives.


For more information about this service line please contact Mr. Chris Steele (North and South America): [email protected] or Dr. Douglas van den Berghe (EMEA): [email protected]