Location Strategy, Site Selection & Benchmarking

Site Selection

Why a facility is needed – what problems it must solve – is at least as important as the site selected. We work with our clients to help them define their need by understanding their business and what drives it.


Our knowledge of markets, talent pools, infrastructure, governments, regulation, and our networks allow us to give our clients expert analysis and advice on where and how to grow and expand their business operations. Our tools simplify the process, allowing our senior experts to provide direct counsel to corporate executives.


We estimate the range of likely outcomes and develop location strategies that will accommodate a variety of scenarios. We then use computer and experience based tools to help our clients match their requirements to communities and sites that will help them achieve success in the near and long term.


For more information about this service line please contact Mr. Chris Steele (North and South America): [email protected] or Dr. Douglas van den Berghe (EMEA): [email protected]