ICA’s Marketing Services support Free Zones, IPA’s and EDO’s in defining their value proposition as an investment destination and building a launch pad for an effective Marketing Strategy to reach potential investors.


Merely giving a country, city, region, free zone or an organization a new logo and a catchphrase will not do anything to change its image or help build its future economy. The branding of locations and organizations is complex and multidimensional due to the multitude of stakeholders and the infinite range of brand touchpoint associated with the branding of places. Reputations of places exist in the minds of hundred of millions of people around the world.


As an expert in FDI the ICA team understands the complexity and dynamics of this business environment and what is needed to successfully promote and market it. ICA has many years of experience in supporting corporations with their site selection process, as well as assisting Governments and Free Zones in marketing their business location and successfully attracting more investors.


In order to meet our clients’ needs our team can formulate a marketing strategy serving as a solid foundation to support our clients to successfully reach their goals.

ICA’s Marketing Services include:


  • Review of existing marketing materials, channels and activities
  • (Re)Developing a marketing strategy, based on a carefully (re)defined value proposition
  • Formulating a marketing plan based on the marketing strategy
  • Implementation of the marketing plan (development of the marketing tools)
  • Tracking and evaluation, training, maintenance
  • Lead Generation


For more information about this service line please contact Mrs. Zoë van den Berghe, Director Marketing & Business Development. Email: [email protected] Mobile: +31 615 499 998 (NL)