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Free Zones Advisory
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Review of Namibia’s Investment Incentives Regime and EPZ Act


ICA was engaged by the Namibia Investment Centre (NIC) and Offshore Development Company (ODC) to conduct a full scale review of Namibia’s existing incentive scheme and to develop recommendations for improving its efficiency and propose additional activities to be incentivized. ICA conducted a full review of Namibia’s existing incentive programs by interviewing more than 60 stakeholders and performing an extensive literature review including identification of global and regional best practices for incentive regimes. In addition, ICA assessed the economic development contribution of EPZs. ICA proposed modifications to the existing incentive act and implementation based on the incentive scheme cost-benefit analysis that the team executed for four priority industry sectors. The final recommendations, formulated in a comprehensive report, have been presented to the Minister and other Senior Officials in Namibia and proposals to modify the incentive act and implementation have been made.


ICA provided recommendations to revise the EPZ Act and move towards sector based incentive regimes and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). The recommendations were presented to several Ministers and Senior Government officials during various meetings in Windhoek, Namibia.