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Assess Competitiveness of Global Financial Center Location


ICA was commissioned to produce an evidence-based research paper on a financial center’s global competitiveness to attract and to mobilize FDI. ICA assessed the international position of the center as an intermediary of FDI, specifically geared towards the contribution of its finance industry in terms of attracting, pooling and redirecting flows of FDI and to economic development worldwide. The first part of the report, which elaborated on the role of the International Financial Center (IFC) in the global network of FDI and involved multiple interviews with stakeholders, was complemented with an empirical part. This consisted of a FDI Competitiveness Index, a model which quantitatively measured the attractiveness of the Financial Center location based on a wide range of indicators as well as its performance in attracting FDI vis-à-vis other IFC jurisdictions. The results of the study were presented to the board and now function as point of departure for its marketing strategy and as a positive contribution to economic development through attracting and channeling FDI.