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Jessica Eckhardt has over 11 years of experience in transportation design and planning, environmental consulting, and real estate consulting services. She is skilled in GIS analysis, drafting and graphic design and leads Investment Consulting Associates’ data analysis, mapping and visualization efforts.

Previously, Ms. Eckhardt supported supply chain and site selection mapping and analysis at TranSystems. Projects include the Massachusetts Bicycle Plan Update 2008, Jacksonville Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) study, Kansas City rail mapping, and I-90 connector redesign field work. She is the only person with the distinction of bike commuting to work down one of I-90 connector highway ramps. Ms. Eckhardt also previously served as CAD/GIS specialist at Environmental Resources Management. Previous clients include The City of Roanoke, VA; the City of Ellsworth, ME; the City of Calais, ME; Mass DOT; Federal Transit Administration (FTA); Cate Street; Shores Atlantic; Atlas Copco; Ashcroft Terminal; BC Hydro; Freightcar America; First Industrial Realty Trust; The Schonbraun McCann Group (an FTI Company); and IDS Real Estate Group.

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