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With a global network of associated business partners, ICA is able to deliver a global multi-disciplinary coverage to our clients. We have a flexible project structure to join forces and provide an integrated service delivery for all location selection and location effective supply chain management optimization projects. ICA can act as a 'one-stop shop' and will involve its business partners on an 'if needed' basis only.

CWS integrates location consulting, economic development, market feasibility and real estate solutions, with Big-Four business consulting heritage, providing a unique perspective on a clients' labor market, logistics, access, regulatory, facility, and all-in cost drivers. CWS use this comprehensive perspective to help develop location solutions that solve today’s problems and anticipate change.

Atlas Advertising helps economic developers reach national and international prospect and site selection audiences. We deliver branding, website development, GIS mapping, research, social media, and creative services professionally and with a staff experienced in economic development. Unlike firms with little or no economic development experience, Atlas Advertising uses a proven mix of economic development marketing tactics that generate interest from site selection audiences.

Atlas Advertising is led by a former economic development practitioner and has worked with 70+ different economic development clients in nearly 40 US states. Our approach and experience means that our campaigns generate an average of three to ten times the response of other campaigns.

Sparta Strategy is India’s first and now leading FDI Strategy consulting firm. Our specialist advisory team provides outsourced Investor targeting services to Global Economic Development and Investment Promotion Agencies keen on attracting Indian investment, help agencies and locations (States, Regions, Cities, Science Parks, Industry Clusters) to identify, package and sell their competitive advantage and also work with companies to help them select optimum location solutions for their operations either in India and abroad

Groenewout is an international consulting company specializing in supply chains and logistics. Our core competency has been sharpened in supply chain optimization and detailed designs of manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment centers. Not surprisingly, we place a great deal of emphasis on both the identification and realization of feasible opportunities. We pride ourselves on innovative and creative thinking to produce the business improvements that our clients’ processes require. We prefer vigorous client participation to address a comprehensive solution.


The Transfer Pricing Associates Group is an independent and specialist provider of expert transfer pricing and tax valuation services. Headquartered in Amsterdam and with offices and coverage in over 25 countries around the world, TPA are able to provide high quality transfer pricing advice and assistance to multinationals of all sizes, wherever they are located.
cragusThe Cragus Group is recognised as the leading independent tax advisor in the GCC, specialising in international corporate tax, legal structuring, and corporate advisory; and serves clients with interests in or related to the Arabian Gulf and Africa. The Group provides a platform for sophisticated “doing business” relationships/transactions, primarily through a Network of known and trusted independent legal and tax consulting firms, in a manner that aspires to achieve a professional legacy for assisting nationals in developing countries enhance and better enable their legal and fiscal regimes.

MÖBIUS, a spin-off of Ghent University, is an international authority in the domain of consultancy and implementation within Supply Chain & Business Process Management. Their independent advice offers solid, measurable foundations for the strategic decisions. More than 120 highly-qualified consultants at offices in Belgium, England, France and the Netherlands, they are passionate about improving service, reducing costs and compiling solutions for (complex) business environments and issues.

The MÖBIUS Supply Chain Management methodology represents an integrated approach to optimising the supply chain. MÖBIUS can play an important role in formulating and optimising global SCM policy with functional expertise in purchasing, production, planning, warehousing & distribution, stock management and demand management. They have reached the next level in geo-marketing with the development of the Point-Of-Sale Planner (POS Planner).