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iofIOF’s events aim is to raise awareness of different global locations for those companies looking to re-locate or outsource business functions and to provide an insight into current location strategies.
kwgKW Group is an International Business 2 Business Conference, Exhibition, Media & Training company with offices in Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in the development of senior international Government summits, exhibitions and journals for emerging markets on Infrastructure, FDI, International Trade & Development, Healthcare, Energy, Power & Transport in Africa, Asia, Europe & The Middle East.

We are experienced leaders in the development of international trade and industry  in emerging markets delivering over 145+ conferences, exhibitions and journals and specializing in unique products for Multilaterals, Governments and Private sector Infrastructure leaders globally. With unique Government & Private sector networks in Asia KW Group are a specialised partner for the Asia Pacific region and wider emerging markets.
wfzcSince 2001 WFZC has built up an unparalleled network of partners, sponsors and speakers who have contributed to events held in London, Brussels, Skopje, Cairo, Cape Town, Cannes, Izmir, Geneva, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Charleston, Hyderabad, India, The Netherlands, Dublin, Ras Al Khaimah, Poland and China. See our History pages for reviews of the events and our Library pages for a review of presentations which have been made.