fDi Forum 2016: Navigating the rocky global investment environment


fDi Forum 2016: Navigating the rocky global investment environment

Date: September 20, 2016

Location: 21 September, 2016 - London

fDi Forum 2016: Navigating the rocky global investment environment builds on the latest trends in the global investment market. It brings together a high-level strategic group of CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors and other decision makers from the corporate sector, along with select representatives from the public sector and other experts in the field of cross-border investment, to debate the FDI environment, examine how to successfully navigate the challenges of investing in a new territory and consider what the vote for Brexit means for international investors. Speakers will explore the global economic outlook and investment trends; how investors from emerging markets can capitalise on global opportunities; the fallout from Brexit and other developments in the EU, and how they impact on investors; corporate views of the world; how SMEs can work with big firms to achieve mutually beneficial results; and global strategies for growth. The event also provides an opportunity to learn from the experts about how they achieved a successful investment. You can find out more about this event at fDi Forum 2016.

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