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Multi disciplinary background

Investment Consulting Associates (ICA) is a new firm that has its background in the 'Big Four', United Nations and academia. The firm is specialized in foreign investment analyses and international business intelligence software development for corporate as well as government decision makers. Based on more than ten years of experience in the corporate, policy and academic sector we provide a new and intelligent approach to:

  • Offshoring strategy development
  • Location selection
  • Location due diligence
  • Location optimization

The combination of both practical and academic experience leads to an optimal balance in our service delivery. Through a quantitative and scientific approach leading to state of the art methodology and tools in location due diligence we create measurable savings and benefits for your organization.


Our Products

FDIperformance Database
Our location database currently covers information on
  • More than 170 countries
  • More than 150 cities
  • 14 location factor groups containing more than 100 location factor criteria.
 Location Factor Groups
For more information on the subscription options, access to the location database and/or analysis tools please contact ICA at:

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