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* Save increasing costs, resources and time on simple data collection and analyses

* Define, select and assess individual project requirements for your investment project

* Assess which locations meet the project requirements for investment

* Benchmark and compare the cost and quality of potential locations

* Calculate annual operating costs in different locations for your investment project

* Calculate NPV/savings of your investment project for a shortlist of locations

* Make fact-based decisions on foreign direct investment strategies and maximize profits

* Assess and benchmark your current operating location portfolio with potential new competing alternative locations

* Benchmark existing locations with potential new locations without hiring (expensive) external expertise for each project.

* Analyze the competitiveness and attractiveness of your investment location versus competing locations

* It combines structured global information with simple (excel type) and sophisticated extremely powerful financial analyses tools

* It provides indispensible, up to date and reliable objective data (from public sources)

* Data are provided at various levels: country or city in all relevant (emerging) markets in the world

* Data are quality checked by a tem of international experts with more than 15 years of experience

* It can be customized to clients’ preferences and needs

* It is web based and globally accessible from multiple locations: easy access and easy to interpret.

* It can be easily integrated in the standard MS Office environment.



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A new integrated FDI advisory and location due diligence software platform
Over the past decade Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has become the driving force behind the globalization of markets, supply chains and business processes. For most countries FDI is a major source of competitiveness. Many FDI decisions are governed by risks and uncertainties.
Where should we locate our next business activities? Are we still operating in the most cost effective locations? Has our investment climate become less competitive? How do investors perceive the competitiveness of our new production locations? What is the performance of other investors in these locations? Investment Consulting Associates (ICA) has developed a unique web based software platform that can answer these questions. The software combines financial analysis tools with a large database on local business costs information on more than 200 countries and 350 cities. The financial analysis tools support firms in making their investment, restructuring and location portfolio decisions.

“Now that I have come to know LocationSelector, I understand the hard work that has gone into such a marvelous product. Over the years I have seen several products that failed to do what your company has successfully accomplished.”

Donald Yates, CEcD
Geographic Business Solutions, Inc.

Our web based location software platform is developed by a network of multi disciplinary experts with more than 10-15 years of experience in FDI, location selection location optimization and  proprietary web based software development.

Enquiries about our web based software products as well as online demonstrations can be addressed to:
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . For an online demonstration of locationselector.com please fill in the form on the left - register for online demo.