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Managing Globalization = Managing Locational Differences

ICA is an independent and leading provider of global location effective supply chain optimization and location selection services to multinationals that are not only exploring new markets, but also optimizing their existing location portfolios and value chains. Hereby we combine our pragmatic approach and state of the art financial analysis software tools. ICA can assist your firm in answering the following questions:
  • Where do we establish our next business activity?
  • Are we still operating in the most cost efficient locations? 
  • Can we enhance our cash flows through location portfolio optimization?
  • What savings and targets would we like to achieve through a new investment project?
  • Are the locations we anticipate still cost competitive in five years time?
  • Where have our competitors recently set up operations?
  • What would be the impact on customer perception
  • How do we manage this offshore project?
  • What is the ideal structure of our project team – which disciplines and cultures?
  • How do we manage multiple external and internal stakeholders within the firm?
ICA's corporate services include: 
  • International strategy development for global expansion
  • Through our global alliance partner network we can also provide business implementation services in relation to:
  • Incentive and (tax) grant maximization

  • Real estate strategy formulation and negotiations
  • Human resource (talent sourcing) strategy formulation

ICA, together with its strategic partners: TPA Global and Möbius, also offers an integrated supply chain optimization service line: Connecting Business Solutions with Tax Efficiency.

Given our many years of experience and the application of our proprietary software tools  we are not only able to enhance the quality of our service delivery but also to save considerable time and resources in the entire location advisory cycle.  

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FDIperformance Database
Our location database currently covers information on
  • More than 200 countries
  • More than 350 cities
  • 14 location factor groups containing more than 400 location factor criteria.
 Location Factor Groups
For more information on the subscription options, access to the location database and/or analysis tools please contact ICA at:

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