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Managing competitiveness

For government decision makers and economic development organization (EDOs) Investment Consulting Associates – ICA provides the following services:
  • Organization reviews of EDOs
  • Investment promotion strategy formulation
  • Lead generation services
  • Cluster development strategies
  • Location value proposition and location development: attractiveness surveys

ICA works with Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) around the world. We assist in formulating strategies to both attract and retain investors, benchmark the competitiveness and attractiveness of investment locations and assess new market opportunities and strategies. ICA provides the following services:
  • Investment promotion strategy formulation: aligning your investor acquisition strategies with general economic development goals.
  • Investor aftercare strategy formulation: retaining current investors and enhancing the volume and quality of existing investments
  • Location value proposition and location development: benchmarking locations and developing  attractiveness surveys using our FDI software tools
  • Lead generation and targeting services: based on global FDI developments and scenario’s what are promising expanding industries and corporate to approach?
  • Organization reviews of EDOs: performance reviews of your EDO and investment policy reviews
  • Cluster development strategies and institutional capacity building

For various clients Investment Consulting Associates – ICA has developed a competitiveness benchmark™ that answers the following questions:

  • Are the locations we are currently operating still the most cost effective?
  • What are the leading foreign investment projects worldwide?
  • Which regions, countries and cities have attracted substantial investment projects?
  • What kind of activities have been relocated?
  • Which sectors and firms are leading?
  • Where have other firms recently set up operations? What are the ‘hot markets’?
  • Do we see a shift in these ‘hot markets’, what are the new players?
  • What are the main drivers?
  • What is the perspective of leading investors on a specific location?
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Our Products

FDIperformance Database
Our location database currently covers information on
  • More than 200 countries
  • More than 350 cities
  • 14 location factor groups containing more than 400 location factor criteria.
 Location Factor Groups
For more information on the subscription options, access to the location database and/or analysis tools please contact ICA at:

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