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Revival of United States as Economic Power House -
U.S. FDI Competitiveness Report 2011 Click Here
Reports for Economist Intelligence Unit and United Nations
    • "Port Study 2009 - White Paper on Competitiveness Europe and Middle East"
      Given the world economy of today ports have become hubs in linking global trade and foreign direct investment. As such ports and their surrounding business parks are crucial for the competitiveness of countries and regions. This white paper assesses the competitiveness of European and Middle Eastern ports - through a Port Competitiveness Index (PCI). The approach taken is unique as they integrate multiple aspects of competitiveness: tax, transfer pricing, legal, customs and the general business environment. View Extract
      Guest editors: UNCTAD's Transnational Corporations Journal special issue: Special Issue TNC Journal
      "Multinational Enterprises from Emerging Markets" TNC Journal Vol. 16 Nr. 1 April 2007
      Guest editors: Sanjaya Lall (late) and Douglas van den Berghe
    • Van Den Berghe, Douglas. (2002). “The European Challenge: FDI and Europe”. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), London. In: EIU World Investment Prospects: the Next FDI Boom.
    • Van Den Berghe, Douglas. (2002). “Foreign Direct Investment and Western Europe:” Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), London. In: EIU Regional Monitor: Western Europe.
    • UNCTAD (several years). Annual contribution to chapter on largest TNCs in World Investment Report. UNCTAD, Geneva
    • Van Tulder, Rob, Van Den Berghe, Douglas, and Muller, Alan. 2001. Erasmus Scoreboard of Core Companies. The World's Largest Firms and Internationalization. Erasmus University Rotterdam: Rotterdam School of Management.
    • “Working Across Borders: Multinational Enterprises, offshoring and the Internationalization of Employment”. Published with Edward Elgar in 2008 (forthcoming).
    • Van Den Berghe, Douglas, Baaij, Van Den Bosch, Volberda. “Rotterdam or anywhere? Headquarters on the move?” Business Strategy Review Summer 2005.
    • Van Den Berghe, Douglas & Rob, Van Tulder (2002). “The Geography of foreign direct investment; a tripartite framework.” Journal of International Business and Economy (JIBE) Fall 2002.
    • "Where is the money coming from?" ICA publishes its research and analysis on FDI performance and FDI profitability in FDI Magazine (a Financial Times publication):
    • Investment Consulting Associates publishes in WAIPA's Newsletter Quarter 2, 2008 on its research into the performance and profitability of FDI by the world's leading multinational corporations. Complete article
    • Investment Consulting Associates published in Dutch Newspaper on "Promoting The Netherlands in China and the role of aftercare". Complete article
    • Van Den Berghe, Douglas (2003). “UNCTAD World Investment Report 2002: transnational corporations and export competitiveness by United Nations”. International Business Review, Vol. 12. No. 1.
    • Van Den Berghe, Douglas (2002) “Multinational Enterprises from the Netherlands by R. van Hoesel and R. Narula”. Transnational Corporations Journal, Volume 11. August.