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Strategic Assessment

Location Screening, modeling & benchmarking

Cost comparison & Site Visits

Incentive Support


Phase1Phase2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
  • Define project and goals
  • Business requirements
  • Project assumptions
  • Input cost model
  • Resources for site visits
  • Resources for site visits
  • Define real estate objectives and accommodation needs

Project definition & understanding of strategy

Analysis and comparison of locations

Comparison of costs
Site visits


Real estate support

  • Objectives and Goals
  • Strategy: Offshoring,
  • Outsourcing or Build
  • Operate or Transfer Assessment
  • Determine geographic scope
  • Data gathering
  • Build model for location analysis
  • Present rankings of locations
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Exploration of incentives
  • Prepare site visits
  • Set up cost model
  • Cost differentials between locations
  • Prepare discussions with relevant governments and service providers
  • Incentive negotiations
  • Real estate transaction and acquisition support
  • Evaluation of facility relative to operational requirements

Facility Assessment
and Project Planning



Beta Testing

Go Live

Phase 6Phase 7Phase 8Phase 9Phase 10
  • Create project design; goals and milestones to mark achievement
  • Assign resources deliverables and due dates
  • Cost assumptions and budget
  • System and Process Testing
  • Migration to full production and ramp up

Activities & processes

Right size resource, timing and logistics

Assign value



  • Engage business owners
  • Operational Assessment turned into project plan
  • Determine that all necessary action is documented and the right people at the right time are engaged to deliver results
  • Benchmark milestones and begin to measure ROI
  • Pre-execution. All potential scenarios to be run
  • Systems tested
  • Voice and Data confirmed
  • Infrastructure and fail over given a green light
  • Live monitoring and real time improvements
  • Post launch strategy executed
  • Measure results