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ICA Academy
FDI Academy
In conjunction with leading European business schools,  ICA also provides trainings in the field of FDI service delivery. The Training themes are:  
  • Investment Identification: “ICA Investor Targeting and lead generation Training”
  • Investment Promotion: “ICA Investor Servicing Training”
  • Investment Aftercare: “ ICA Investor Development Training and CRM systems”
  • International & European Business:  “ICA course for government officials”
  • Integration of FDI & Trade promotion: “ICA Training on FDI and Trade promotion synergies”
  • Promoting Outward FDI: ICA Training on setting up an outward FDI promotion service line
  • Image building & marketing: “ICA Training on “Dealing with Perception Gaps”
  • New reservoirs of investment: “ICA course on Attracting FDI from emerging markets
  • Benchmarking your location: “ICA course on the do's and don’ts of benchmarking”